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What does the fashion designer do ?

The fashion designer is an originator of accessories and clothing.

The Fashion anticipates the current mode and after that draws on models, taking into account the technical constraints of manufacturing and the image of the brand.

It makes parts which are fabricated in series, or in a sense which is unique to the haute couture.

The stylist designer can be part of a trend house or an office-style. Independent, it exerts on the blow by blow, or can direct his own company. It moves to meet with its clients and travel a lot to keep abreast of fashion in the whole world.

The company supplies opportunities limited and the competition is quite tough. It is not easy to make a name for himself on the planet of fashion. The designer has the ability to create all that passes through the head, be it eccentric or classic clothes, haute couture or sportswear.

How do fashion designer work ?

In view of the release of a collection that is new, the stylist is preparing a couple of sketches of clothes. Their colors are indicated by it, and the chief technical accomplishments planned. He sent the pattern for this advice, and tissue samples are chosen. It follows all production processes

Designer clothing

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